Palm Springs Water Damage

Carpet, especially wall-to-wall carpeting can be a reservoir for hidden mold, mite fecal, pet dander, rodent dander, fecals & dust bacteria and other irritants even though you cannot see anything on the carpet. Here are some warning signs that carpeting may be a present or potential problem in a building or home. Carpets which are visibly moldy, they need to be discarded, carpet that gave been wet, such as by basement flooding, a plumbing leak or a roof leak. If wall to wall carpeting has been wet it probably should be removed and disposed of. Palm Springs Water Damage will remove wet carpeting and clean it for reinstallation. If wet carpet is removed and cleaned with 24-48 hours it might have a chance. If carpet was wet and stayed wet it’s ruined. At this point a thorough bio-washing of the underlying floor with mildecides, fungicides and anti-microbial is necessary to disinfect the area of any bacteria carried by the water flow. Carpets over wet padding, or carpets, padding, and tack strips which are water stained or moldy indicating that water or condensation has been present below the carpet. Carpets in basements-or located on floors below grade such as in a split level homes particularly in areas where there are periods of high humidity history or wide temperature swings in a building likely to produce condensation. Hidden mold in and under wall to wall carpeting is notorious and widespread in areas which have been subject to wet conditions such as basement or floors on leaky slabs. Immediate carpet water removal by Palm Springs Water Damage will begin the carpet water damage restoration process. Call us and have our carpet water damage restoration experts take over.

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