Palm Springs Water Damage

Drying a wet or damp basement isn’t a do it yourself job. Thankfully Palm Springs Water Damage have dried many damp wet basements and have the skill and experience to make your basement a drier and cleaner place.

Drying your damp wet basement will expand the potential livable and usable space in your home. You will no longer avoid the basement; instead, you will be able to utilize this revitalized area to increase living space or for use as dry storage.

The increase in space means often increases the value of your home. Fixing a wet basement will allow you to use or even finish the basement without the potential of ruining drywall, paneling, boxes or furniture.

Mold thrives in damp environments! Some basements / subterranian rooms may need additional repairs to reduce moisture intrusion.

Palm Springs Water Damage has been performing wet basement in Palm Springs with superior skill and efficiency of the waterproofing industry. Our certified technicians in foundation repair have been solving the problems of shifting and settling foundations, bowed walls, and wall cracks for thousands of homeowners.

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